Class A Maintenance Mechanic

Class A Maintenance Mechanic

Flexible Technologies, a subsidiary of Smiths Group, and a leading manufacturer of products for the home appliance, medical, HVAC and industrial markets is recruiting for a 2nd shift Class A Maintenance Mechanic for our Abbeville, South Carolina location.  

Essential Functions:

Performs a wide variety of duties to repair and maintain complex mechanical and electrical equipment. Works from prints, schematics, diagrams or general instructions and applies the skilled crafts.  Plans and arranges own work to very close tolerances and makes decisions on the reliability and safety of operating equipment.  The safety of other employees is dependent on the judgment and skills of the mechanic.

Dismantles complicated equipment or units and determines extent of repair required. Repairs or replaces defective parts or wiring and reassembles.  Checks for other defects and minimizes downtime to equipment.  Adjusts and aligns or levels equipment. Constructs special parts, devices or attachments.  Applies proper synchronization, timing and makes necessary calculations for clearance, wear and tolerances.

Installs and repairs electrical circuits, conduits, switch gear, transformers, motors and automatic controls. Repairs or rewires various types of electrical motors and replaces defective parts. Makes connections for proper electrical field, forward and reverse rotation motors, variable and constant speed motors.

Maintains utility systems, air conditioning, air compressors, gas systems, waste and water treating systems. Makes routine carpentry or plumbing repairs.

Performs machining operations using lathes, milling machines, boring mill, drill presses, shapers, profile saw or other equipment to product tooling or machine parts to very close tolerances. Completes parts through single, sub-assembly or final assembly.

Welds various metals using acetylene or electric welders to repair machine frames or parts. Constructs special designs for plant or machine use. Lays out and fabricates sheet metal components.



Provides preventive maintenance for production, support or utility equipment. Keeps necessary machine records.   Maintains fire-fighting equipment in good order.  Inspects and repairs on a regular basis.


Secondary Duties:

Primary functions of some mechanics may become secondary duties of others, as indicated above.

Assists other departments with troubleshooting.




Education:               High school diploma/GED plus additional training equal to a                                                            complete formal apprenticeship or 2-year associate degree in a                                            related discipline                 

Experience:             5 years minimum    

Skills:                         Proficient in use of complicated shop equipment, such as lathes,                                        milling machine, drill presses, shapers, welders                                  

                                    Proficient in at least two of the skilled crafts: mechanical, electrical,

Machining, welding, air conditioning, millwrighting, sheet metal      

Special Requirements:     Requires lift truck licensing


The successful candidate will be self-starting, hands-on, organized and a team player with a desire to excel.

Flexible Technologies offers a competitive compensation and benefits package. Qualified applicants who wish to be considered should submit a resume with salary requirements to the email address below.  For more information about our company and products, see our website at

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