Flexible Technologies

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Customer Service Week 2019

As we celebrate Customer Service Week here at Flexible Technologies, we could not be more proud of our incredible team. They are the face of our company and the first voice that you hear when you pick up the phone. However, we would like to let the customers do the bragging for once.

“We always know you’ll do what you can and we appreciate all your help. Its good to know you’re just a phone call away”

“That’s top notch customer service. You can tell the boss I said so.”

“It is rare for me to write an unsolicited letter of praise for a job well done. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I have felt compelled to do so. However, there are certain people who deserve to be recognized for their outstanding service.”

“I appreciate the large fund of knowledge he possesses and I am impressed by his patience and kindness when I work with him. I have found him to be highly professional and so utterly enjoyable to communicate with.”

“I’m very enjoy to work with you and your team. Thanks.”

“I just want to tell you thank you, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the way you looked out for our orders. I knew if I called you I could count on you taking care of the situation no matter what”

This is why we just want to say thank you to what we believe is, the best customer service team out there.

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