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2019 Employee of the Year

Being named an employee of the month is a very special accomplishment, however, being named an employee of the year holds a special place among our Flexible Technologies staff. Mark Cannon was selected due to several key qualities that did not waiver throughout 2019. Our staff had very high praise when asked about the impact Mark has on our workplace.

Mark Cannon Kathi Burriss (Left), Mark Cannon (Middle), Chris Pless (Right).

“Mark is one of the most loyal employees we have working at Flexible. Mark will go out of his way to help others. Always goes the extra mile no matter the task. When Mark was an operator, he was very thorough and systematic about the way he did his job. That approach has carried over to the position he currently has as Process Tech 1. Since being moved from warehouse to Process Tech, Mark’s attitude and dedication to the company has never wavered.”

“Mark never hesitates to help anyone. Mark is very good with new operators. He always explains the process in a way they will understand. And because he puts in so much time with them, they are comfortable going to Mark with any issues they are having and trust he will do his best to explain and correct the issue. Mark is very good making sure new employees understand that safety is our 1st priority! He is quick to let any employee know if they are doing something that could potentially harm them and teaching them the correct way to do the job.”

“I have asked Mark to work a lot of hours since he has been a Process Tech and he never once has complained about it. To this day, he will ask if I need him to work over or come in early because he knows there may be a product running that may give a new employee issue.”

“Mark genuinely cares about the success of this company as much as you and I do! The best way I can describe Mark, loyal, dedicated, hardworking and honest!”

Congratulations Mark from your Flexible Technologies family!