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Vacuflex Operator

Sets-up and operates automatic machines to produce small to medium size hose and air ducts. May work on either a 10 hour or 8 hour shift schedule. Coordinates the assembly of wire helix with reinforced thread, covered by vinyl extrusion.

Pay Range

$14.98 – $16.02/hour

Shifts Available


Essential Functions

  • Performs routine set-ups, working from prints and pros.
  • Changes mandrels for different diameter sizes.
  • Maintains proper speeds.
  • Controls extruder temperatures, pressures and speeds.
  • Checks belt and wire tensions and mandrel speeds.
  • Maintains to close tolerances.
  • Keeps hoppers filled with proper compounds and colors.
  • May be required to alternate on various machines.
  • Uses digital equipment to perform quality control checks.
  • Maintains required charting.
  • Completes production reports.

Secondary Duties

  • Reports machine wear and malfunctions.
  • Assists Process Technicians with complicated or unusual set-ups.
  • May perform some end trim or packing.


Must be able to perform statistical process control requirements to verify quality of product.


High school diploma or GED.


Over 1 year to achieve proficiency on different products and machines.


  • Mechanical aptitude.
  • Manual dexterity to perform diversified work to close tolerances.

Special Requirements

  • Continuous standing.
  • Good hand/eye coordination.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively, gives and receives instructions.
  • Belt trim requires good visual ability.
  • Climbs ladders hoppers.